Our ICN Scare

Noa was born with a tiny hole in her lung that landed her in the Intensive Care Nursery out of the gate. She didn’t cry upon arrival, but instead barely grunted. As brand new parents, it was absolutely terrifying. I had grand plans of having a ragged first family picture taken minutes after delivery, skin to skin with nursing right away, etc. but instead Matt went helplessly with Noa as they whisked her away to the ICN. Luckily, the puncture healed up before she was 24 hours old! She was out of the oxygen tent by 11pm, and on her way to the step down nursery (SCN-Special Care Nursery) by Thursday evening. Then, unexpectedly, her bilirubin levels spiked. She was a lovely shade of buttercup, and not at all interested in eating. I was discharged, but she had to stay for phototherapy. We delivered breast milk to the SCN morning and night, and Matt dropped me off at 10pm and retrieved me at 4am for the next 72 hours so I could hold her for the 30 minute allotted time out of the light. On 8/3, we were able to bring home our happy, healthy girl. And then, the fun began!


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