Tag team

I’ve always known Matt would be a good Daddy. I’ve watched him with our nieces and nephews for years- in the floor being a human horse, patiently playing hundreds of Lego X-Box games, carrying them on his shoulders for 3 mile hikes because their little legs were too tired. I’ve watched him take care of everyone around him-his family, friends, colleagues, and especially me. He’s been there through my darkest hours, and my life’s biggest struggles. What I didn’t anticipate was what an amazing partner in all this he would be. From the beginning, he has been my rock, coaching me through labor, helping me cope with the devastation of having Noa taken from us upon arrival, driving me to and from the hospital in the middle of the night while she was there just so I could hold her, if even just  for a minute. He manages to get up every day to go to work despite hearing me up with her at night and still rushes home to give me some reprieve. He knows when to tag in-when to rock, sing, pat, pace, change, and feed with some innate instinct. He gets up with her on the weekends so I can sleep in, and sends me out for pedicures and other luxuries. He is an amazing Daddy and incredible husband. We are so blessed to have each other, and this little miracle baby. I love our little family!


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