Last day of maternity leave 😒

The past 13 weeks have been so utterly mind blowing I don’t even know where to start. Though the beginning was completely traumatic, our happy, smiling sweetie reminds us every day how blessed we are. I’m dreading my return to work-not because I don’t love my job or am lazy, but simply because I won’t get to cuddle our girl all day every day. When I left her at daycare for the first time last Monday, I was hysterical. Not because I was worried about her safety or well-being, or nervous that she’d cry all day, or that Miss Tonya or Miss Margella wouldn’t love her. I cried because she was just fine. She didn’t need me. She is so independent already, though she’s not even 3 months old until next week. I know this first week back will be the hardest. I also know that my return is the right thing for me and my little family, but having such an amazing little girl sure did change my perspective on stay at home vs. working moms. If I could have it both ways (maybe 3 days at work, 2 days with her), that would be optimal. For now, I’m going to relish every second she looks up at me adoringly with those big beautiful blue eyes, and not think about the rude awakening coming my way at 5:30 tomorrow :/ 


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