Working Mama 

It’s probably not the best time to blog, but let’s be real-time to blog is a rarity these days, so I’ll cease it. Our sweet Noa has survived a stomach virus, a nasty cold, and RSV since starting daycare, which means Matt and/or myself has/have survived a stomach virus, a nasty cold, and now I presently have pneumonia. So that’s the sickness part-actually the easy part. The harder parts have been sleeping in a chair with her night after night, getting up at 4 am, racing to work by 7:30, frantically working through lunch to get off early to make it to appointments for one of the three of us, rushing home on days we don’t have appointments to pick her up from daycare so we can see her awake for more than an hour, then struggling to get bottles/clothes/supplies prepped for the next day, all while maintaining a house, baby dog, and marriage. Noa gets a bath every other day too. Most days, we are lucky to eat dinner. Hey, what’s wrong with a peanut butter fluff sandwich? I guess I thought it would be easier than it has been. Am I crazy? I can’t imagine what my own parents went through, post-divorce, each running a working single parent household, with two kids, no less. Noa and I are so blessed to have Matt supporting and providing for us. He is the one who gets Noa ready in the morning-changes, clothes, and feeds her while I get ready, then drops her off on his way to work. He’s been the steady voice of reason through all this sickness. He even drove me to Urgent Care this morning when I was on my last leg. He takes care of Arya, down to serving her weekly Sunday ice cream, and he makes a mean peanut butter fluff sandwich. Those are just a few examples of how we work as a team these days. In addition to having an amazing PIC, Noa seriously couldn’t be a more delightful baby. She sleeps like a champ-still 10-13.5 hours every night! She smiles and coos, despite having been sick basically for the past 6 weeks. She hardly ever cries, and her sweet snuggles could pretty much make both of us forget about the worst day. Did I mention she’s the prettiest? I know we have it good. Returning to work has just been so much more challenging than I imagined. I know it will get better as she gets a little older, and as all of our immune systems get stronger. I’m thankful to have such a supportive boss who understands the challenges of being a new mom-even the ones I didn’t anticipate. I love my career and my amazing little family. We are really into Noa and our families right now, and we are totally fine with that 🙂  


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