Papaw’s First Christmas in Heaven 

Today, well, the entire Holiday season really, has been rough. I absolutely love the buzz that comes with having a child at Christmastime, but I’m also acutely aware of how much I miss my Daddy. 

We have had a glorious time with Matt’s family the past two days, and we will celebrate with my family later this weekend…minus one. 

All day I’ve been in a funk, despite the laughter and love we are surrounded by. Mostly because I can still remember every word of my last conversation with him, and how pleased he was to fix me those silver dollar pancakes last Christmas Eve. I love that he knew without a doubt I would have a little girl, and that in his morphine induced state wanted me to name her “Angelina”. Time goes by so fast. In less than a month, it will be a year. What a wonderful year it has been, despite the heartache we have all endured. I see him every time Noa cracks a mischievous smile, and in those perfect elfy Jenkins ears. 

This Christmas has been the best, but the hardest. We love you and miss you, Daddy (Papaw Grump). I know you are enjoying your first Christmas in heaven. Xo


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