Ringing in the new year

Ok, so by now you know what our priorities are. We are all about this baby and our families. So naturally we spent NYE at home, watching animated movies and eating takeout. We got through the Minion Movie and Madagascar before the stroke of midnight. Despite Noa’s recent teething fussery, and epic sleep fighting abilities, I thought it would be fun to stage a cute “milk drunk on NYE” photo of her. Matt told me it was a bad idea, but of course, I didn’t listen. Just as I slid the flimsy paper crown with “2016” and silver tensile atop her darling bald head, she woke up. (Just long enough for me to get the great photo below, then proceeded to lose her mind.) This child was up until 4am screaming, y’all! I won’t do that again! We are clearly moving to a new stage-one that involves a later bedtime, sitting up, crawling, and communicating more clearly. It’s always a challenge, but every day we learn something new about Noa, and about ourselves. We are so excited to see what 2016 brings with our sweet girl in tow. Happy New  Year!! 


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