Noa’s list of favorite baby “stuff” 

Our gremlin will soon be 1/2 a year old! Where does the time go?! I thought it would be fun to make a list of the products and “stuff” she has used/enjoyed the most up to this point.

1. Her thumbs. Y’all. I know we will pay for this down the road as we try to break her from the thumb sucking, but taking those gloves off and tossing that “sassy” was the best decision we’ve made yet! Self soothing is miraculous!

2. Lovies. We have about 6 of these things. You know, the weird, soft, tiny blankies with heads? Those things are awesome!

3. Fisher Price Automatic Rock N’ Play. She exclusively slept in this thing until she was a month old, and still sleeps in there when she has a stuffy nose. We actually ended up buying two-one for upstairs and one for downstairs. Is it unnerving to walk into a room and see it rocking by itself? Yes, but you get used to it. Want to eek out an extra hour of sleep on the weekend? Turn this baby on!

4. Headbands. Nothing screams “Dainty” like a big Southern bow on a headband.

5. Officially Licensed NFL Seattle Seahawks Infant Jersey, size 3-6M. Because every new daddy needs a football buddy.

6. Footed PJs. We have so many sweet outfits, but at the end of the day, our girl just wants to curl up in some cozy footed pjs.

7. Books. Our girl loves to read.

8. Reclining Gliders, multiple. When she was sick shortly after starting daycare, the two of us slept comfortably in our reclining  gliders. I can’t tell you how many hours we’ve slept there since she was born, or how many bottles she consumed while happily rocking.

9. BabyTrend Snap N’ Go Stroller. This has been great while we are figuring out our big girl stroller needs. It’s compact and lightweight, and has an awesome storage area at the bottom.

10. Tiny bedtime hats. Eleanor made us some great hats, and some of her pjs have come with them as well. The first thing that goes on her body after a bath is a good hat. Gotta keep that heat in!

11. Blooming Bath & Inflatable Duck Bath. The Blooming Bath was amazing for sink baths when she was little. It gave her a lot of support, and kept her from touching the cold sink. The inflatable duck bath is awesome because we don’t have to fill the entire tub, and she can still be submerged. She looooves this bath!

12. A good camera. Ok, so she doesn’t appreciate this right now, but will down the road for sure. I’ve been able to capture so many sweet moments since Matt got me the grown up DSLR.

13. Any kind of hat or coat with ears. No explaination needed.

14. Graco Bumper Jumper. She has spent hours in this thing.

15. Coconut Oil. It fixes all those little skin things, even cradle cap!

16. BeatBo. He is wildly entertaining.

17. Plain Mary Playmat. This was given to us by a friend, and it is durable, easy to clean, super plush, and heavy enough that it doesn’t get all wadded up. Bonus that is has “Noa” in giant letters across it.

18. Zutano Booties. Noa has the coldest feet. Ever. We tried every kind of baby sock out there, and nothing kept her piggies warm. These booties have two snaps for adjustable fit, and she has yet to get them off.

19. Sophie the Giraffe Teether. She has been a dear friend from very early on, and especially now that Noa has started teething. Her soft squeaky body is safe for even little babes who lack hand-eye coordination, and her long legs are great for chewing. And P.S. I know it’s ridiculous to pay $25 for something they are going to drool all over, but it’s totally worth it. Shout out to Ashley and Jerri for hooking us up with our Sophies.

20. Humidifiers, several. These have been especially helpful since we switched over to heat. It’s one one the best tools to combat a stuffy baby nose.

21. Boogie Mist, Bulb Syringe, and Boogie Wipes-the trifecta for us this winter. Little noses get so messed up, and this combo is life altering.

22. 3D Koala Sippy Cup & Bottle Labels. This made it so much quicker to prep her bottles for daycare. They are personalized with her name, and fit on any standard bottle or sippy cup.

23. Carseat Canopy. Yes, these are the silly things you get the promo cards for from BuyBuyBaby etc. We wash this once a week, and we have literally never used her carseat without it. It keeps your little love cozy and dry and the sun out of their sensitive little eyes.

24. Cetaphil baby products. I just thought I had sensitive skin! I started Noa out with Aveeno baby bath and lotion, and it absolutely lit her up. Cetaphil to the rescue! These are wonderful products- they smell great and get her clean and hydrated.

25. Nighty Night Owl On The Go Plush Sound Soother. This is a recent addition. When she had her 6 month shots, she got very cranky. This sweet little sound machine provided just enough distraction to help her drift off.

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