**it happen..ed

The dreaded first bathtub poop: lovely, right? Matt and I have anticipated this day since Noa was born. Never mind we had to throw away all the toys, and never mind I had to scrub the tub after the debris was removed, gagging the whole way. Our sweet girl, who calls any activity in her diaper “Ipoop” made a very funny face before she said, “Mama, Ipoop.” Hooray for correctly articulating bodily functions! In any case, she was embarrassed, and told us repeatedly “I did it” while she waited patiently for a fresh bath to be drawn. Phew! At least we know who the culprit is. There is no photo to go with this post, because, 1. I didn’t take any photos to commemorate this monumentus occasion, and 2. If I had taken photos and then had enough gall to post them, I’m pretty sure no one would ever again read Inoagirl. So here we are, officially members of the bathtub poop club, y’all! Yay parenthood! 😂

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