The Cure for my OCD

=Noa Harper. All the tasks that were once so important flew out the window when we had that sweet girl. Add in three days cooped up in the house combating the epic plague of 2017 (flu), and we have something akin to the aftermath of the most destructive hurricane to date. I’m positive toxic phlem is in every crevice and on every surface of our house. We’ve gone through three packages of Clorox wipes and two boxes of extra plush tissues, in addition to washing twelve loads of laundry.  Noa has contaminated every one of my pots and pans and their lids at this point. He sister is trying to keep up with the grossness by perching on the dining surfaces. If we can get through this sickness, it may be time to move. Hey, in the next few weeks, if you’re in the neighborhood, stop on in if you see the for sale sign 😉 (if you dare). 

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