When did she get so big?

Noa is growing like crazy, and it seems like every day she has added a new word, or discovered another body part. Her little wheels are always turning-you can tell by how incredibly inquisitive she is, and how quickly she picks things up. What a fun age! 

Saturday morning with my best girl

Matt sleeps in on Saturdays, and I sleep an extra few minutes on Sundays. This means that I get to spend Saturday mornings 6a-? 1:1 with our girl. Here’s what she’s been up to this morning, in addition to “walking” Arya around the house on a leash-I didn’t get a photo of that.

Weekends with Noa

Our weekends these days are filled with all kinds of adventures. It’s so much fun to watch her explore and marvel at all God’s beauty. Noa is quite the outdoorswoman, an avid environmentalist, and pure renegade like her mama. She also enjoys #pjsallday, Star Trek, and football in the recliner like her daddy ❤️